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NSA310 Stuck in Reboot Loop

TylerTyler Posts: 5  Junior Member
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My NSA310 starts to boot up, takes a long time then all the lights turn red for a short period.

I had this happen to me years ago and was able to fix the NSA310 using a set of files called universal_usb_key_func  This allowed me to stop the boot process with a USB drive and access the NSA310 via telnet.  I had saved the website with the directions on how to fix this but it has since been taken down.  The post was called NSA310 Stuck in reboot Loop? and was at http://forum.nas-central.org/viewtopic.php?f=249&t=8261

I am hoping someone has these directions saved.  I believe it had to do with turning off a function, but I don't remember the commands or what the function was called.



  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,259  Paragon Member
    The files you are talking about can be found here. I don't know which directions were given in that thread. Did you use the shutdown on timer function?
  • TylerTyler Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Oh I didn't have the shutdown timer on, but it was scheduled to do a restart on the first of the month.  That is probably when this started.  What is the commands to fix that?
  • TylerTyler Posts: 5  Junior Member
    I tried using your site and force flash to put the latest firmware on.  It didn't get me anywhere though.
  • TylerTyler Posts: 5  Junior Member
    I saw that it wouldn't flash the firmware, so I tried to downgrade with the same result

    led_state_map_addr = 4b
    board_model=(A203), file_model=(A203) ... equal!
    *** current revision: 49435
    *** montavista last revision: 34713
    *** it's already new firmware, do nothing here. ***
    Kernel checksum pass!
    System image checksum pass!

  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,259  Paragon Member
    You can erase the configuration, using telnet:

    cd /tmp
    mkdir conf
    mount /dev/mtdblock4 conf
    cd conf/conf/
    rm -rf *

  • TylerTyler Posts: 5  Junior Member
    back up and running

    I will keep the scheduled shutdown features turned off now.

    Thank you for the help
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