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NAS542 and the Cloud Agent...

deep_thoughtdeep_thought Posts: 6  Junior Member
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is driving me crazy.
I just want to run NFS and SAMBA. No Cloud no thumbs no itunes no ffmpeg no twonky no ftp no webdav or whatever.

The damned thing just keeps installing the cloud agent however often i deinstall it.
Solution at the moment: removed gateway (no new firmware either...) and created a dummy file, the installer now shows an error, but still tries to reinstall.
How can I prevent this damned thing from doing so, it still tries and slows down the whole box. :s

~ # ls -l /i-data/1de89a42/.PKG/
drwxr-xr-x    7 root     root          4096 Nov 30 02:30 NFS
----------    1 root     root             0 Dec  2 18:03 myZyXELcloud-Agent


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  • deep_thoughtdeep_thought Posts: 6  Junior Member
    Every few Minutes it tries to reinstall:

     9410 root      2644 S N  /bin/sh -c /usr/local/apache/web_framework/bin/executer_su /usr/bin/ipkg-cl -f /etc/zyxel/pkg_conf/zypkg_conf/zy-pkg.conf -t /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/tmp -nodeps install myZyXELcloud-Agent 1de89a42
     9418 root      4116 S N  /usr/bin/ipkg-cl -f /etc/zyxel/pkg_conf/zypkg_conf/zy-pkg.conf -t /i-data/.system/zy-pkgs/tmp -nodeps install myZyXELcloud-Agent 1de89a42

  • deep_thoughtdeep_thought Posts: 6  Junior Member
    Seems to work :)
    Still got that performance issue when copying from NAS... descriped in my other question.
    A lot of time with awful rates and some time with almost using the full GBit. Only huge Files (150MB+).

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