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[NAS542] Slow speed with nfs

vidravidra Posts: 11  Junior Member
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I am experiencing an issue: my transfer speeds are very slow (~50MB/s) and I cannot figure out why.
My exports look normal and the only thing I have changed is sync to async to see if i would make a difference(it does not). The problem is quite strange because the speed (when I test it) jumps to 1.5GB/s and then the transfer stops until it just jumps to finished. My average then is around ~50MB/s. This happens if I test with dd or just a file copy with thunar.
I find this very strange, and I must mention that when I was using my older NSA325 with the same disks I did not experience anything like this.

Does anybody know what is going on and how I can fix this.  i should also point out that i cannot mount nfsv4 - if that is related.

Thank you for your help!

Edit 1. : I have reinstalled NFS from app center and now nfsv4 works, the speed is still the same. And I have noticed that my cpu usage (on nas) goes to 97% with nfsd being 70%, i doubt that this is normal.

Edit 2. : I have tried to transfer data back to my pc and the speed is normal (110+ MB/s), cpu usage is also not high.

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