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Data loss

lacc47lacc47 Posts: 4  Junior Member
edited August 2019 in Questions
I wanted to access my drives so I removed the drives from the nas. It is possible, that I took them back reversed, but It is not probable. Anyway, I cant access my drives. NAS turns off after boot beep. Without the drives it boots and it is accessible, but with the drives it turns always off. How can I repair this error?
There was no raid, it was two independent disk.




  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 974  Heroic Warrior Member
    It doesn't matter when you exchanged the disks. The disks are recognized by their raid header (which is also available on a single disk layout).

    Try the disks one by one. I think one of them died.
  • lacc47lacc47 Posts: 4  Junior Member

    Many thanks for answer.
    I made factory reset without the disks, and after that the problem is solved, just I lost my configuration. Nas runs up, I can access the disks as befor.


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