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Initialization Wizard formated my disk! How can I recover them?

markuspmarkusp Posts: 2  Junior Member
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By accident I run Initialization Wizard on my ZyXel nsa 325v2.
After the all steps I saw that my disks (working in RAID 1) (which was full of family photos) is blank! all gone ;(
How Can I recover the data??
Can someone share some tutorial ?? I'm not an expert in dealing with such problems. 


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  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 897  Heroic Warrior Member
    Accepted Answer
    You already had an (raid1) volume which is overwritten by a new volume? In that case you need an 'unformat' tool, but as far as I know that doesn't exist for the ext3 filesystem.

    So your only option is low-level recovery. A tool like PhotoRec should be able to recover the majority of your photos. Unfortunately it recovers only the data, not the metadata. Filenames, pathnames and timestamps are gone. Fortunately there are tools around which can rename the files on base of their internal exif data, like EXIF ReName (Just the first output of a google on 'rename on exif'. I never used it).

    BTW, you should have a backup. Raid1 is not a backup, as you have seen now.


  • markuspmarkusp Posts: 2  Junior Member
    edited August 13
    Thank you for the answer, however, to recover the photos I bought the R-studio program and I slowly recover the photosarz
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