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C1100z Firmware LATAM

pttkpttk Posts: 1
edited August 6 in Discussions
HI, I buy one router C1100Z but not work in CHILE, need modified VCI and VPI parameters.

How modified this parameters or download firmware for LATAM





  • SEJSEJ Posts: 44  Junior Member
    Hi Pttk
    Not sure where you bought the C1100Z?
    C1100Z is a fully customized router for US ISP CenturyLink, and the  WAN setting is also pre-configured for CenturyLink network.
    So unfortunately, C1100Z might not workable in other ISP's network.
    If you connected the DSL line but the C1100Z can't sync up, which means C1100Z doesn't fit that network.
    For the firmware, it also fully controlled by CenturyLink on remote management system, user can't upgrade or downgrade by themselves.
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