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Does zyxel 326 download torrents fast?

papaiaFMLpapaiaFML Posts: 3  Junior Member
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I have a 500mb downlink. Will I be able to use such speeds with this nas?


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  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 784  Heroic Warrior Member
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    bottleneck my connection due to the single core processor.

    Depends. If you are downloading encrypted torrents the processor will not be able to decrypt 50MB/sec. But even in that case the processor might not be the bottleneck. If the file you are downloading is bigger than the internal memory (512MB, when I'm not mistaken), and you have an ordinary rotating harddisk, the disk I/O will be limiting. (Or the lack of cache memory, depending on your point of view).


  • HanamichiHanamichi Posts: 107  Warrior Member
    The application of torrent download is kind of peer-to-peer file sharing, so the speed will be relied on multiple seed connections and bandwidth, but too many reasons to effect the speed limitted, and the official of any BT SW wouldn't have the informaiton to guarantee the maximum value of download.

    Even you use PC/NB to run any BT SW to download torrent, you would not 100% get the same speed result when you try to download the same torrent.

    The speed is relying on how many seeds and connection, every torrent file has different seed share from user, even I have large speed of download, but the speed will get the bottleneck on source side.
  • papaiaFMLpapaiaFML Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Hi, thx for your answer. But the question is more related to if the hardware in the nas326 will bottleneck my connection due to the single core processor.
  • papaiaFMLpapaiaFML Posts: 3  Junior Member
    I should be able to get the same speeds as in my computed using similar disks if the computer is not using that much RAM? 
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 784  Heroic Warrior Member
    If the torrent stream on your computer is limited by disk I/O, then at least the 326 won't be faster. It's certainly possible that it will turn out to be as fast, as (AFAIK) torrent is not very cpu intensive. Unless you are using encryption.

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