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I had to reboot my base node - now Multy app just says "disconnected"

CrojoniousCrojonious Posts: 4  Junior Member
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Had to change out the power strip it was plugged into, so I unplugged and replugged everything, waited until all lights were go, and the internet working again. But in the Multy app it just says "disconnected" and won't let me make any changes or run tests or anything. Rebooted my phone, still doesn't work. How do I make the app work again?



  • CrojoniousCrojonious Posts: 4  Junior Member
    The amazing thing is, when I go to "my home" and then back to the dashboard, I see a tantalizing glimpse of all the custom nodes I set up, then they disappear and all that shows is "disconnected". Extremely frustrating.
  • workintoworkinto Posts: 13  Junior Member
    edited July 11
    As you mentioned, the internet is working, so there isn't any issue of the usage, except the Multy App, right?
    What are the firmware of your Multy App and Multy X?
    The latest Firmware of App is 2.3.4.
    Is the light on both Multy white?

  • CrojoniousCrojonious Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Except now it's not working. After an hour, the internet is gone and the light on the primary unit is red. And I don't know how to check for firmware versions if it won't connect.
  • workintoworkinto Posts: 13  Junior Member
    edited July 11
    What device that the Multy connected to on its WAN port?Router/Modem?
    You can check the internet ability of Router/Modem.
    Was everything fine before you moved those Multy?
    Which mode are your Multy on, NAT mode or Bridge Mode?
  • CrojoniousCrojonious Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Multy is connected to a router, which is connected to a modem, which is connected to fiber. Plugging a laptop into the router (broadcast is turned off) verifies the internet is still working.

    Everything was fine before rebooting Multy. Not sure about NAT or bridge - whichever the default is out of the box.
  • workintoworkinto Posts: 13  Junior Member
    Maybe you can try with another ethernet cable.
    If the Multy X still couldn't work with the internet, and try to factory reset.
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