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vmg8823/8825 QoS Bandwidth

BiondoBiondo Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited June 4 in Questions
Hi, both routers have the same issue. I want to use the bandwidth to limit the bufferbloat but, having a 200/20 connection, I cannot do it because the downstream seems to be stuck/limited at 130/140 Mbps, despite I set il on the GUI at 195 Mbps or even more. Am I expecting too much from the QoS?



  • HikariHikari Posts: 46  Junior Member
    Hi Biondo

    Do you mean you want to manage the download bandwidth with QoS function, but the result seems the device output was limited around 130/140 Mbps only?
    May I ask your FW version?  
  • BiondoBiondo Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Hi Hikari, sorry, but in the meantime I managed to lock the router after a FW flash; no password workin now!!
  • NeAlNeAl Posts: 47  Junior Member
    Which model? 8823 or 8825?
  • HikariHikari Posts: 46  Junior Member
    Hi Biondo

    What kind of password not working in your side? GUI login password or wireless password? If you still remember the FW version you tried please let me know.
    And, if you are confusing the password, maybe long push the factory reset button on the shell, let device (password) recover back to the default setting. Then see if you can use the password again. 
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