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3rd party packages, nas-central mirror

MrDiniMrDini Posts: 12  Junior Member
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Hi everyone,

Since downloads.nas-central.org has been down for a long time, and I wanted to install a few packages made by the users from there regardless I put up a mirror website here: [Click me]. Maybe someone will find it useful.

And the whole wget made mirror from January, 2019 is also available in a compressed archive here.

It should work as a remote repository for ffp and MetaRepo too however I had to setup some strict rate-limits in order to avoid the abuse. Currently it's 1 simultaneous connection per IP and 2 MB/s because my small server has a bad uplink. Let me know if you would like to have more bw.



  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 726  Heroic Warrior Member
    Hi MrDini. Nice to see you back. Thanks for the mirror.
    For my repo there's another mirror at http://zyxel.diskstation.eu/Users/Mijzelf/zypkg-repo/, which contains some newer packages.

  • MrDiniMrDini Posts: 12  Junior Member
    Amazing! May I clone those and merge the new packages together with the backup?
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 726  Heroic Warrior Member
  • JockeSveJockeSve Posts: 29  Junior Member
    Can I just add the URL above to Metarepositories page?  
    Or is there another way to change URL?

  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 726  Heroic Warrior Member
    You can add any directory, or url to an directory, which contains a ZYPKGS or ZYPKG_INFO.tgz file to let MetaRepository find it.
  • MrDiniMrDini Posts: 12  Junior Member
    It should work, yes.
  • JockeSveJockeSve Posts: 29  Junior Member
  • hlavicka82hlavicka82 Posts: 1
    Hi MrDini, thanks very much for this.  I have updated openssl to the latest version so I had to update many packages that depended on it and the data you posted helped me a lot.
  • shvshv Posts: 9  Junior Member
    edited June 22
    Hi MrDini, I crossposted your information to another forum [Click me]. I hope this is OK for you.
  • MrDiniMrDini Posts: 12  Junior Member
    Yeah, absolutely fine. That's why I made the mirror. :smile:
  • normnorm Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Thanks for your work on this certainly makes it easier to find ffp packages rather than archive.org. Thanks for updating slacker to work with https repo's too :smile:
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