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NSA325. I lost the web interface and the ability to Administer it. How do I fix this?

JeffJeff Posts: 1
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I upgraded the Firmware to the most recent.  I did this since the mapped drives in my windows ten machine were no longer available.  This was a bad move since it appears this disabled my access to administer or use the web interface.  FTP, shared folders and media server work through other interfaces using my login and password. There is no way to add or change accounts.  I can still use it in this crippled state and have been.  Can this be fixed?  If not, I need to return to an earlier (original?) firmware for the NSA325.  HELP PLEASE.  I should have never upgraded the firmware.  I was able to get to the shared drive by making adjustments in windows.  In the browser I get "connection refused"  in the software I get "NAS is not responding  Please check on it"  for all tools when I try to log in.  Yet everything works in the background.



  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 665  Heroic Warrior Member
    Try a factory reset. Keep the reset button pressed until it has beeped 3 times (+/-15 seconds) This will reset everything, including administrator password. It will not touch the data, but you'll have to re-enable the shares.
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