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Old Hard disks full of data on New NAS 542

fabiolodifabiolodi Posts: 5  Junior Member
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Hi everybody,
I had 2 hard disk (3 TB each) full of data in my nsa325, i think configured as JBOD.
I sold the NAS and I bought a new NAS 542 and i want to install my old hard disks without loose data, more a new hard disk of 8 TB.
Which is the correct procedure for this?
Thanks for your kindness.



  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,157  Heroic Warrior Member
    Which is the correct procedure for this?

    None. The NAS542 doesn't accept disks from an NSA325.

    You have a new NAS542 with a single (almost) empty 8TB disk? It is possible to mount the old disks manually from the command line, and then copy the files over. Then you can create a new volume on the old disks, using the webinterface, and if you want you can copy the files back.

  • fabiolodifabiolodi Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Yes i have a 8TB hard disk in my new 542.
    Can you help me, writing to me the right things to do? I’m not able to do this alone.
    I have also a docking station for hard disk if this can be useful.
    thank you very much
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,157  Heroic Warrior Member
    edited May 2019
    Create a volume on the 8 TB disk, if you haven't done so already. Create a share where you want to put the data.
    Enable the ssh daemon (can be found among the network settings), and login over ssh as root, with the admin password. On Windows you can use PuTTY for that.
    If that works, plugin the old disks in the NAS. Do not try to manage them from the webinterface. Of course switch the NAS off before inserting disks.

    Now login again and execute
    cat /proc/partitions
    This shows all block devices known to the kernel. Harddisks, partitions and flash partitions. You are searching for 2 +/- 3TB partitions sdx2 (size is given in kb), where the x is something else. Assuming one of the disks is sdc2, assemble the raid array:
    mdadm --assemble --run /dev/md5 /dev/sdc2
    If that doesn't fail, create a mountpoint and mount it:
    mkdir /mnt/mountpoint
    It is possible that you get an 'already mounted' error, in that case the firmware sneaked in and mounted the array directly when you assembled it. In that case use
    cat /proc/mounts
    to find out where it's mounted.
    Now you can copy the data over:
    cd /mnt/mountpoint/
    Where share is the name of the share you created for this

  • fabiolodifabiolodi Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Thank you very much. Next days i’ll try to do this. I’ll write to you for a feedback. Bye
  • fabiolodifabiolodi Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Hi, i restored all my files. Thank you very much for your support. I wish you all rhe best.
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