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Trouble connecting to VPN - router AMG1302-T11C

JohnSmith2ndJohnSmith2nd Posts: 2  Junior Member
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I am trying to connect to a VPN on an android device using the OpenVPN app. I am connected via my Wifi to the router: AMG1302-T11C

My ISP is the Post Office Broadband, and they were un helpful in their support but said to find the Zyxel forums. There was a suggestion that there might be some IPSEC settings to amend on the router, however I have been unable to find anything. 
Does anyone know if there are any settings I have to enable or something that might allow connections to VPNs? I know it's not the VPN as I connect successfully to it when I am just using 3G connection on my phone.

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • JohnSmith2ndJohnSmith2nd Posts: 2  Junior Member
    I just wanted to add an update. I spoke to my ISP and they said this router (that they provide) does not support VPN at all. This seems odd, does anyone with tech know how, have a work around? I may buy my own router which they said would bypass this issue.
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