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Are there any firmware updates for AMG 1312 TIIC since ABCG13 nearly a year ago?

untechieuntechie Posts: 3  Junior Member
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Does support for rotuers end after a certain period?



  • Zyxel_Support_CPEZyxel_Support_CPE Posts: 143  Warrior Member

    Hi untechie,

    ABCG13 is latest fw for AMG1302-T11C. May I know if you have any issues with ABCG13 fw?

  • untechieuntechie Posts: 3  Junior Member
    No problems with the update thanks.  I had wondered if you stopped supplying updates after a few years as I had seen that the last update for AMG 1302-T10B,  a router I used to have,  was  over 2 years ago.
  • AfflosparkAfflospark Posts: 5  Junior Member
    As I hear you want to ask about new updates of AMG 1312 TllC.
    So I remind you that ZYXEL did not issue an update for yet. ABCG 13 Firmware is the latest update for AMG1302-T11C.
    Hope this will help you

  • untechieuntechie Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Thanks Afflospark for your advice.
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