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VMG8823-B50B - Open port (5000) for access by ftp from outside my house

Genius19Genius19 Posts: 13  Junior Member
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from a LAN of my VMG8823-B50B (firmware V5.13(ABOV.0)b1_20180824) to my WAN of my netgear D6400 I connect my pc and an hard disk (using usb of my netgear) because I want to use my netgear for all services and my zyxel only for my fiber access. 
Now I opened too port 5000 on my netgear for access to  hd by ftp and I wanted to open port 5000 into my zyxel to access it from outside my house. I can't open it also if I tried to set port forwarding or port triggering. 
I can do this only if I add my netgear with address into DMZ. 

I don't want this but I want to open only one port to access to hd. 
The port is open in my netgear when I set dynamic dns.

Can you help me?Did I make a mistake?



  • NeAlNeAl Posts: 33  Junior Member
    If I understand it correctly, it looks like this:
    Internet --- zyxel --- (netgear + usb hdd)

    Also: zyxel modem is on and netgear on Is this correct?

    How do you connect to the usb hd from the LAN side?
  • Genius19Genius19 Posts: 13  Junior Member
    yes, it looks like this:Internet --- zyxel --- (netgear + usb hdd).

    hdd is connected by one usb port of netgear, so, when I'm in LAN I find \\readyshare and I can see all folder of hdd.

    But, from outside my home, if I want to see same folders I resolved only adding my netgear with address into DMZ.

    I'm unable, or I did understand, how I have to open port 5000 on my zyxel.
    I hope this help. Thanks
  • NeAlNeAl Posts: 33  Junior Member
    Can you try this, please?

    1. from LAN, can you access the hd via ftp (using port 5000)?
    2. instead of using DMZ, try setting in NAT rule; can you access via ftp from outside (still using port 5000)?
  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member

    Hi Genius19,

    Could you provide the full topology from your side?
    What’s the result for VMG8823-B50B LAN side client access to Netgear port 500? Will it be successful?
  • Genius19Genius19 Posts: 13  Junior Member
    edited March 19
    1) Yes, I can access the hdd via ftp (using port 5000) from LAN.
    2)I don't know how I have to set in NAT rule. Can you tell me more?

    Anyway I received this reply about my firmware.
  • NeAlNeAl Posts: 33  Junior Member
    Hi Genius19, 

    if you go to Network setting / NAT / Port forwarding / Add new rule or Edit existing rule, you should find the "Server IP Address" field.
    Set it up with the Netgear ip address.

    For example, my setup is like this:
    Internet --- Zyxel --- (raspberry pi + usb hdd)

    The raspberry pi runs a ssh/sftp server; remote access works fine.

    Zyxel model VMG8823-B50B, provided by Wind/Infostrada.
  • Genius19Genius19 Posts: 13  Junior Member
    @NeAl Have I to set in this way or I have to insert my router zyxel in "IP server address"?Have I to insert "IP sorgente"? Regards
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 572  Heroic Warrior Member
    You are aware that opening a single port is not enough to support FTP? Unless you are using active FTP, but in that case you'll have to forward some ports on the client side.
    FTP uses a command port on 21 (which could be changed to 5000, of course), but also a pool of data port, which on most servers by default use the whole range 1024...65534. Sometimes it's possible to specify a smaller range, in which case you can forward a smaller range.

  • NeAlNeAl Posts: 33  Junior Member
    Hi Genius19,
    I have both "Configurare IP Originario" unchecked and "IP sorgente" blank.
    Also, keep in mind that I'm using sftp.

    If you have to use ftp, as Mijzelf pointed out, check whether you need to forward a whole range of ports.

  • Genius19Genius19 Posts: 13  Junior Member
    mmh...how can I use sftp?Where I can set it?
  • NeAlNeAl Posts: 33  Junior Member
    Check if it is available on the Netgear, instead of ftp.
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