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GS1200 switch between modem and router?

jdevejdeve Posts: 3  Junior Member
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Can someone advise me or direct me to the proper setup for putting my GS1200 switch between my router and modem?  I want to do it this way so I can port mirror all of my network traffic.    When I set up my VLAN for the switch I can no longer access the switch.  Not sure what I am doing wrong.  thanks!!!



  • PennyPenny Posts: 35  Junior Member
    What is the firmware version of your switch?
    Is possible to share your network topology, screenshot of VLAN setting and where is the connection of your control device? 
  • jdevejdeve Posts: 3  Junior Member

    What I want to do.....
    Metronet fiber PON > GS1200-8 > Linksys EA8300


  • PennyPenny Posts: 35  Junior Member
    I checked GS1200-8's release note, only VLAN 1 can manage/access switch's web interface.
    Please make sure your VLAN setting.

  • jdevejdeve Posts: 3  Junior Member
    edited March 18
    Well that is helpful I think.  Seems to be working now although I don't really understand how it can be working.  

    So what I now have is...

    VLAN  1-  Port 4 untag (green),  other ports disabled (grey)
    VLAN 2 - Port 4 disabled (grey), other ports untagged (green)

    PVID setup is  2 2 2 1 2 2  2  Port 4 is VLAN 1 others VLAN 2.

    Port 2 is mirrored both directions, Port 3 is my monitor port (will be used for a raspberry pi IDS).

    My fiber modem (called a PON) is plugged in to switch port 1.  My Linksys router is plugged into switch port 2.  My switch port 4 is plugged into router.

    So I don't really understand how my router can route with a switch before it.

    I am interested in additional thoughts or comments.


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