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NAS520 keeps rebooting

MinoSMinoS Posts: 5  Junior Member
edited March 12 in Questions
Hi everyone !

I've just bought used NAS520 and it seems to work fine previously. But I just can't get it work.
It just boots.. blinks different leds, start the hdd and then reboots.

I tried different HDD combinations (1 HDD, 2 HDD, no HDD), tried hdd freshly formatted to ext4 - no luck.
Tried to remove the battery - all the same.

Factory reset doesn't help...

Maybe I should flash the firmware from USB ? But I can't find a good manual for that.

Please advice.



  • WiasoudaWiasouda Posts: 103  Warrior Member
    reboot while you create volume?
    The disk was created file system previously?
  • MinoSMinoS Posts: 5  Junior Member
    edited March 13
    I can't even get it working. So no Gui, no access through lan, no volume creation) Just reboot every15-20sec 

    And yes, I tried with ntfs and with empty ext4.
  • Zyxel_BrianZyxel_Brian Posts: 41  Zyxel Moderator
    Hi @MinoS ,

    Please check your private message in order to provide you the better service.

    Best Regards,
  • MinoSMinoS Posts: 5  Junior Member
    @Zyxel_Brian thanks a lot ! I will try your instructions.

    For anyone who curious - here is video of how it works now 
  • MinoSMinoS Posts: 5  Junior Member
    So usb restore didn't worked. Seems like it start to restore and then reboots as usually.
  • DjDunkelDjDunkel Posts: 1
    I have the exact same problem with my nas 520 now. It started yesterday. Can you tell me what you did to fix this issue? Assuming that you got your NAS fixed? :smile:
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