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GS1900 series: some improvements of Web interface

SiggiFRSiggiFR Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited March 2019 in Ideas
Hello, I started to configure my 2 GS1900-8/-24E. Below I summarize a list of all things which could from my perspective be improved:
  1. Could you add the port name right of the port ID in following screens? I cannot remember each name behind all of my ports and this would really help.
    a. When I click "Status", I see a virtual device figure with cables plugged in. When moving the mouse over one plug, I see a 3-line text. Port name could be added to the right of port ID
    b. VLAN configuration and monitoring menue, each list of "Port"s and "VLAN Port"s (similar to "Port" "Status" list)
    c. Loop Guard "Port" list: same as b.
    d. Spanning Tree lists with Port ID same as b.
  2. Could you show the blue plugs in the



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