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NBG6816 / Access Point / HomePlug AV (?)

TiggerLASTiggerLAS Posts: 2  Junior Member
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Any ideas why a wireless router that doesn't incorporate HomePlug support (such as the NBG6816)
would send out HomePlug AV broadcasts ?

I've logged fairly frequent broadcasts containing ethertype 0x88e1 (HomePlug AV) from the router,
as well as periodic ethertype 0x8912 (unknown) and IEEE1901.1-type broadcasts.

All sourced from the NBG6816.

(To answer the obvious, I don't have any HomePlug compatible equipment connected to my network.)


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  • TiggerLASTiggerLAS Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Accepted Answer


    I have the only radio button in the "One Connect" settings section marked "disabled",
    but I'm guessing that it must still be sending out broadcasts to advertise its presence
    to other one-connect-enabled devices on the network.

    No worries.   Was just curious.

    Thanks !


  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 222  Zyxel Moderator

    Due to NBG6816 has ONE Connect feature, and it will broadcasts these packets at a period of time to know ZYXEL power line product which also supported ONE Connect feature to get related information.
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