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Firmwaree upgrade for AMG1302-T11C

jn229jn229 Posts: 2  Junior Member
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My router is a AMG1302-T11C running firmware 3.00(ABCG.7)I0

I would like to upgrade to the latest version which look to be 3.00(ABCG.13)C0 released on
May 29, 2018. Can I do this. Is it compatable with my router.



  • Zyxel_Support_CPEZyxel_Support_CPE Posts: 153  Warrior Member

    Hi jn229,

    You cannot upgrade 3.00(ABCG.13)C0 fw on your AMG1302-T11C because of configuration different. If you would like to have newer version, please contact to your ISP .

  • jn229jn229 Posts: 2  Junior Member
    This was purchased from on online reseller called Elara.ie and was not provided by an ISP.
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