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LasseLasse Posts: 1
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When I try to use the zyxel drive app I get a fail message in it that looks like this in the picture. I haven't ever got in and could use the app because of this message. Why is that? Please help me quickly.



  • anmi4345anmi4345 Posts: 5  Junior Member
    App works fine with Android 7. But when switching to a new Mobile with Android 8/9 same like above: Logging in to my nas - showing folders (like photo, music a.s.o.) - when trying to open: connection error (114). Seems depending on this Android version. Test with old phone: still working. But accu power of this old phone is not working well, so I replaced it. Maybe one of the developers of this app will read this and will work on a new version of this app.
  • apkosmapkosm Posts: 1
    you can also convert app to system app with the help of lucky patcher apk for android
  • loracliploraclip Posts: 1
    In this problem, I suggest you that convert your app to system app. For this work, you can download lucky patcher from here and install it. After that, you can easily convert any types of apps...
  • AfflosparkAfflospark Posts: 5  Junior Member
    As I read you face a problem of Error 205.
    This is due to your upgrade your version to Android7  to Android 8.
    Don't worry you overcome via this problem via update your Zyxel application.
    The second process you need to do is to convert your application to system application.
    After that, your Application works fine with your phone.
    Hope this will help you.
  • thopvthopv Posts: 2  Junior Member
    I have read somewhere in this forum that you must disable "Calls VoLTE" or something like that in "mobile network" on your phone.
  • cadetsacademycadetsacademy Posts: 1
    edited May 14

    "convert your app to system app" is the best suggestion as per my point of view. You can also use this 

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