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Multy X connects wrongly

Godzilla13Godzilla13 Posts: 3  Junior Member
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I've had a Multy X System with 3 units for two weeks. On the first floor is the router with one Multy, on the ground floor is the second Multy and the third is in the basement. After restarting all devices, they connect in the correct order. This means that the Multy on the ground floor serves as a repeater for the Multy in the basement. After a certain runtime I have the problem that the Multy in the basement connects with the Multy on the first floor and then of course has a very bad performance, although the device on the ground floor is accessible . 

Why is this happening? The Multy on the ground floor has a much stronger signal than the one on the first floor and should be preferred.

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  • TeemoTeemo Posts: 35  Junior Member
    What do you mean "has a very bad performance"?
    Is there any results? Can you share how to test?

  • Godzilla13Godzilla13 Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Bad performance means bad data transfer rate. I test it with the Multy App or other Apps connected to Multys WLAN. Right now the basement Multy is connected to the ground floor Multy and the performance ist great again. But how long we will see.
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