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How to start a custom service on the NAS 325 v2

rozelakrozelak Posts: 1
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I have the Zyxel NSA325 v2 NAS storage with the original firmware version: V4.81(AALS.1)

Now I want to run syncthing application on it. The syncthing is not originally supported by the packages available, but it works without problems on my NAS when unpacked and started manually. 

What I need is to start the syncthing automatically when the NAS boots up. I have created 'syncthing' init script, but I am not able to plug it into the boot sequence. First, I have copied it into '/etc/init.d', but it disappeared from there every new boot. Then I installed it into '/usr/local/zy-pkgs/etc/init.d/', when it remains, but it still is not started (manual start by calling '/usr/local/zy-pkgs/etc/init.d/syncthing start' works, though).

Don't you know, what I am missing? Is there something, which must be carried out to convince the init system to call the startup script?

Thank you very much.



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