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Problem with two external HDD

vinpromvinprom Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited January 14 in Discussions
When I add two external USB hard drives (I use the rear USB ports) and I want to back up from NAS to external drive 2 via the Copy/Sync button, the external drive 2 does not appear in the USB volume drop down list, only drive 1 is visible and able to choose.

Initially, the two drives are visible in Storage Manager> External Volumes, but after a while, one disappears ...
I can not fully use 2 external USB hard drives at the same time :neutral:



  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 485  Advanced Warrior Member
    Is it a dual disk problem, or is the 2nd disk the problem. What if you only connect the 2nd disk?
  • BatouBatou Posts: 44  Junior Member
    As far as I heard from, the usb stick with copy, it would only detect the latest one you plug into USB, so may need to plug in again the drive 2.
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