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Nas520 - Share ftp folders on external drive for individual users

vinpromvinprom Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited January 14 in Discussions
Hi, i have external USB hard drive and want assign rights to individual folders to individual users?
HDD > Folder1
I want give for Username1 right only for Folder1 and for User2 right only for Folder2

But now I can`t add separate folders but only the entire external disk (HDD) so that individual users can see all the folders (Folder1 and Folder2) on the hard disk and I do not want that ...



  • BatouBatou Posts: 44  Junior Member
    it should be not possible, even for internal folder, because external folder just like admin/music/video/photo, and through web page, it is only allowed to set privilege on admin/music/video/photo.
    So if you want to do that, you should use second USB drive.
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