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Nas520 - Share ftp folders on external drive for individual users

vinpromvinprom Posts: 7  Junior Member
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Hi, i have external USB hard drive and want assign rights to individual folders to individual users?
HDD > Folder1
I want give for Username1 right only for Folder1 and for User2 right only for Folder2

But now I can`t add separate folders but only the entire external disk (HDD) so that individual users can see all the folders (Folder1 and Folder2) on the hard disk and I do not want that ...



  • BatouBatou Posts: 57  Warrior Member
    it should be not possible, even for internal folder, because external folder just like admin/music/video/photo, and through web page, it is only allowed to set privilege on admin/music/video/photo.
    So if you want to do that, you should use second USB drive.
  • vinpromvinprom Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Very bad. This is elementary for every ftp server (user privileges). I do not have the resources to put a separate external hdd for each user. I'm just going to be very expensive and it makes no sense. admin/music/video/photo as far as I know they are only for internal hdd and I do not want my web cameras to write non-stop on them.

  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 707  Heroic Warrior Member
    I think there is a work-around. Create the directories on the USB disk, then create symlinks on /i-data/sysdisk/ pointing to that directories. After that you can configure that symlinks as internal shares.
  • vinpromvinprom Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Mijzelf please give me a example how to do symlinks for folder1/user1, folder2/user2, folder3/user3. I'm Beginner and not understand how to do that.

  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 707  Heroic Warrior Member
    Well, I don't know where your USB disk is mounted, but it's something like /e-data/<long-hex-code>/

    To create the symlinks, you'll have to login (as root with the admin password) via telnet or ssh, which server has to be enabled in the System menu.
    Then execute
    ln -s /e-data/<long-hex-code>/folder1 /i-data/sysvol/folder1
    Now a 'folder1' should appear in the main volume, which you can share and set access rights. The second 'folder1' doesn't have to have the same name as the folder it's pointing to.
  • harshakharshak Posts: 1
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  • vinpromvinprom Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Thanks Mijzelf , I created a symlink, but in the admin panel did not show this folder.
    Surely folder path should be describe in a some config file and then to appear in the admin panel...

  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 707  Heroic Warrior Member
    No. The admin panel parses /i-data/sysvol/ to see which directories are available.

    ls -l /i-data/sysvol/ 
    show your symlink pointing to the right location, and does
    ls /i-data/sysvol/folder1 
    show the same content as
    ls /e-data/<long-hex-code>/folder1

  • vinpromvinprom Posts: 7  Junior Member
    I already did that, but it does not work for me. I solved my problem by installing a ProFTPD server on my dedicated Linux server and I gave my rights as much as I wanted. I can not decipher on the Zyxel server.  Hopefully someday Zyxel to upgrade the firmware and fix this problem.Thanks for the help...

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