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Cant log in web/admin (NAS326), firmware update hung?

IphigenieIphigenie Posts: 7  Junior Member
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It seems a firmware upgrade did not complete correctly (the current one that the admin nags about on each login).

There is a new firmware I know that. I thought I had installed it in December (trigged the update in admin and it had rebooted) but on the next admin login I logged in and it still reported the same (old) firmware. I decided to let it be.

Today I want to log in to admin interface and I get this message that "firmware upgrade in progress" and I cant log in until done.  I didn't re-trigger the upgrade and  it has been weeks since the firmware upgrade so no idea what is going on. I have no idea if it is just a flag or if it started to update again or what.

NAS seems functional,  I can see the NAS on the network and copy files etc. but I cannot log in to admin.
I'm of course concerned that a reboot might leave the device  bricked...

I'm going to have to try rebooting though, cant wait until a power cut does it

anyone encountered this one in the past?


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  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 622  Heroic Warrior Member
    Accepted Answer
    It should be safe to restart your NAS. It has a 'double firmware' flash, it has 2 kernel and rootfs partitions. (http://zyxel.nas-central.org/wiki/Category:NAS326). When flashing it writes the currently not active partitions, and when all is done and well, it sets the flag to tell the bootloader to use the other partitions. So unless you see a stalled 'fw_setenv' process (which is setting the flag), the box should be in a healthy state.


  • IphigenieIphigenie Posts: 7  Junior Member
    edited January 13
    I can ssh in so had a look around 

    There is a firmware upgrade running  as ps shows running (hung?) commands

     /bin/sh -c /usr/local/apache/web_framework/bin/executer_su /bin/zyfw_downloader ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/NAS326/firmware 521AAZF3C0.bin 1 0
     /bin/zyfw_downloader ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/NAS326/firmware 521AAZF3C0.bin 1 0
    sh -c /sbin/fwupgrade_erase_write_ras.sh /i-data/.system/zyfw/ras.bin
    S    {fwupgrade_erase} /bin/sh /sbin/fwupgrade_erase_write_ras.sh /i-data/.system/zyfw/ras.bin

    I have no idea how to figure out how far it went, though the fact that everything is running suggests "not far at all"

    I ran my FW update I think on December 22nd and it didnt happen but all was fine. But strangely on Jan 4th it seems something internal restarted it. And it hasnt been any more successful but it's set a flag that locks things a bit

    - most files in /etc are dated May 21, 2018, which must be my previous firmware update
    - most of the changeable configs files, temporary folders etc. that aren't old are dated Dec 7th . I think we had a power cut that day so it's a reboot 

    - in /tmp there are some files:
    Dec 22 21:54 zyfw_dl_errno << when I did my upgrade (content:  '0')
    Jan  4 10:12 DO_FWUPGRADE (empty file)
    Jan  4 11:39 zyfw_dl.filetype (content '0')
    Jan  4 11:39 zyfw_dl.progress  (content '0')

    and a folder
    Dec  7 17:21 fwupgrade
    empty except for a subfolder with  a fwlog file that is empty and dated Jan 1st

    - /var/log has a zyfw_debug_log file from Dec 7 with just one line that looks pretty mundane "this is parse... speaking"

    Now whether I just reboot or if I should kill these  processes first, or on the contrary find a way to restart them?
    I guess I will wait until tomorrow and see if there's Zyxel support to be had on this :)
  • IphigenieIphigenie Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Thanks - no fw_setenv process to be seen.
    I will try a reboot this afternoon and report
  • IphigenieIphigenie Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Thanks @Mijzelf for the reassurance 

    Interestingly I could not do an orderly (hold power button) shut down so had to do a plug pull  but it's back and indeed still on the old firmware.

    I will just let it nag me to update and ignore for the foreseeable future
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