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VMG8823 web gui access

NeAlNeAl Posts: 18  Junior Member
edited January 14 in Discussions
firmware version V5.13(ABEJ.5)C0

I'm using mutiple wi-fi networks on the same modem (via the Guest/More 
AP function).
I've noticed that, if I set "Max. Upstream Bandwidth" and "Max. 
Downstream Bandwidth" on the main wi-fi, I cannot login anymore on the 
web GUI while connected to the main wi-fi.
I can still login if I connect to another wi-fi.
If I remove both "Max. Upstream Bandwidth" and "Max. Downstream 
Bandwidth" limits on the main wi-fi, I am able to login again on the web 

Bug or "undocumented feature"?



  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 102  Warrior Member

    Hi NeAl,

    What’s your "Max. Upstream Bandwidth" & "Max. Downstream Bandwidth" setting?

    Can you share the value?

  • NeAlNeAl Posts: 18  Junior Member
    edited 6:47AM
    Hi AAAAL, thank you.

    Limits for Wireless / General are:
    Max. Upstream Bandwidth: 999 Kbps
    Max. Downstream Bandwidth: 8888 Kbps

    I'm using 2.4GHz network only.
    If it's relevant, modem syncs at 10488 Down / 1145 Up (Kbps).
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