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NSA325: Trouble installing MetaRepository

proxyboxproxybox Posts: 6  Junior Member
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I read/researched as many posts around the net about my issue but since many forums have been discontinued, I'm having issues finding answers. I'd like to get SMB updated to Version 2.0 or 3.0 and read that I should install MetaRepository for this on my NSA325 V1.

Firmware: 4.81

First, I copied MetaRepository_20181001_arm_015.zpkg into my \\nsa325\admin\zy-pkgs folder. Then went to web interface and click Retrieve List from Internet under Package tab. However, the factory list only shows. I never get the Meta install prompt

Next, I created a web_prefix file with the URL for the files but still no luck

I then read about getting root access. I was able to telnet with root & my admin password, lookup my NsaRescueAngel password (/sbin/makekey) and then going to http://<ip-of-nas>/r<entered my code>,/adv,/cgi-bin/remote_help-cgi?type=backdoor, then logging into NsaRescueAngel with that password. I then went back to the web interface and tried again. Still no luck.

What am I missing? Also, once I do get Meta installed what package should I install to get SMB updated? 

Thanks guys,



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  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 485  Advanced Warrior Member
    Accepted Answer
    Oops! Sorry, the name is zyxel-samba-replacement.


  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 485  Advanced Warrior Member
    Here are installation instructions:

    To install samba 3.6.25 you have to install Entware-ng, and in Entware-ng zyxel-samba-replacement

  • proxyboxproxybox Posts: 6  Junior Member
    edited January 11

    Thanks Mijzelf!!! I guess my link was not correct in the web_prefix file from prior instructions. It installed now but when I go to the management page, it's blank and the page keeps on trying to refresh.

    Update: Never mind. I tried Chrome and it worked flawlessly. Previously I was using IE.

    Thanks so much for all you do.

  • proxyboxproxybox Posts: 6  Junior Member

    Last hurdle... I think. :) 

    I got as far as installing entware-ng. I don't see zyxel-samba-replacement in the packages. All I see are in the screenshot attached when searching for samba

    Should I just install the server package?

    Thanks again.

  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 485  Advanced Warrior Member
    The repo in the screenshot is the 'official' repo only.

    To get the zyxel-samba-replacement package, you should login over ssh/telnet (rad the 'Shell access' chapter).
    More here:

  • proxyboxproxybox Posts: 6  Junior Member
    edited January 13
    Another step closer but with a glitch. I followed the directions but got this error. I did an LS command but no files showed up. I also did a cd opt but it wouldn't allow me to change directories. I'm a newb. Thanks Mijzelf

  • proxyboxproxybox Posts: 6  Junior Member
    No apologies you're doing me the favor. Thanks for everything and responding. Getting really close but got the last error.

  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 485  Advanced Warrior Member
    That's a harmless one-time bug. On next start it's gone.

  • proxyboxproxybox Posts: 6  Junior Member
    Repped! Everything works great and now I don't have to enable the insecure SMB 1.0. 

    For those trying this too, go into Shares and for each one you setup, unclick the use Recycle Bin. You won't be able to access the shares on windows unless you remove that check box.
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