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parent control not working on multy x.

SamSam Posts: 7  Junior Member
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When I try to set times (change profile) when internet is allowed it will not let me do this.  In the App the message pops up "new profile erstellen" and this is it.  It hangs and I need to restart the APP.  It used to work but after a reset it is not working anymore.  Please help.  Thanks.



  • DexterDexter Posts: 30  Junior Member
    Do you mean you can set parent control rule, but the rule not work?
    Is possible to describe your problem more detail? Any steps and screenshots ...?
    Which mobile phone and OS version you used? Have you try another mobile phone?

    I checked my side, it works properly.
    Mutly X is V2.10(ABKJ.4)C0
    Apple iPhone XS (iOS 12.1.2) with Multy App V2.2.1.181212.1
    ASUS ZenFone 2 (Android 5.0) with Multy App V2.2.1.181213
  • SamSam Posts: 7  Junior Member
    I can't set up a parent control rule.  I can block any device but when I try to set up a profile it won't let me access the menue.  I like to set up a Kids profile which allows them every day to have internet access from 08pm - 10 pm.  It used to work before but for some reason it won't anymore.  All I have changed on my end was a rest and installed all 3 Mutly X's again.  Since then it is not working anymore.

    My phone is a Huawai P20 Pro (andoid version 9)
    3x Multy X - V2.10(ABKJ.4)C0 
    App verison (the download link was sent to from Zyxel)

    Any ideas ?  Thanks much for your support.


  • SamSam Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Just noticed that Dexter has a newer App version.  Can someone please send me a download link?  The Appstore will not update my App.  Thanks
  • SamSam Posts: 7  Junior Member
    All, nvmd.  I have reinstalled the APP and it is working now.  Thanks anyway.
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 222  Zyxel Moderator
    I have replied to your mail, please kindly check it. Thank you.
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