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Dropbox and Folders

BernardoBernardo Posts: 14  Junior Member
edited January 7 in Discussions
Hello everyone,
I have a problem with my NAS326 as I can not add dropbox to my NAS.
I followed the procedure and I set a folder to save the data but they are not saved on the dropbox.
could someone help me?
I also wanted to ask you how to create a new folder in addition to the default as admin music and video

Thank you so much!



  • WiasoudaWiasouda Posts: 105  Warrior Member
    Is the folder already in the folder before you configure the dropbox synchronization or after?
    You can go to control panel > privilege and sharing > "+" to add new share folder.
  • BernardoBernardo Posts: 14  Junior Member
    I can synchronize the dropbox folders on the nas but I have only 3GB on the dropbox.
    I thought that by putting the nas I could expand the dropbox space, it does not work like that?
  • WiasoudaWiasouda Posts: 105  Warrior Member
    The function is helping you to sync data in two different place, it is not possible to expand dropbox space, they are independent. 
  • BernardoBernardo Posts: 14  Junior Member
    edited January 9
    Okok thank you so much!!😁
    I wanted to ask you something else, is there a way to delete the default music, video and admin folders?
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