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Zyxel325v2 > Error on log file " [Errno 32] Broken pipe "

silaxsilax Posts: 8  Junior Member
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Hello guys and Happy New Year!

I have a little issue on my ZyxelNAS 325v2 and I don't know what is the root cause .

 Last month I updated some package from Control Panel, i forgot the exact package :( . After this upgrade, every time i restart/reboot my NAS i receive in log file the next error:
Message: internal error: [Errno 32] Broken pipe

 Do you know how I can identify the problem process ?

Best regards,
Silviu Ionescu



  • EdwardcEdwardc Posts: 21  Junior Member
    Hi @silax
    Regarding autoupload function is only Flickr and FTP, do you setup the autoupload for flickr or FTP?
    If no, maybe some of cloud application also has autoupload feature, you can try to disable them to double check.

  • silaxsilax Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Hi @Edwardc !
    Thanks for your response. All service, Flickr, FTP, FTP Uploadr are stopped .
    Do you know how to manually check all the zyxel service started on boot. 
    I was thinking to start each service manually and determining who is the one with issue .

  • EdwardcEdwardc Posts: 21  Junior Member
    I just only know the command "dmesg" for booting log, but not sure if there is the information for "autoupload".
    You can try this.
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