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External Router

DragonflyohDragonflyoh Posts: 2  Junior Member
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How do I connect an external router to a p-660hn-51



  • SEJSEJ Posts: 36  Junior Member
    Hi Dragonflyoh

    Not sure how you would like to connect an external router to a P660HN-51?
    Normally, if you connected another router to P660HN-51's LAN port, you need to change one of the routers' LAN IP and subnet to a different segment, such as 192.168.2.x/24.
    If both router's LAN IP is, it will cause routing problem in your network.

  • DragonflyohDragonflyoh Posts: 2  Junior Member
    I think there is a way to disable the routing portion of the P660HN-51. Something to with Bridge and being a bit of a novice I am hoping for some step by step help.
  • SEJSEJ Posts: 36  Junior Member

    It depends on how you would like to set your network, or what is the purpose for your net work?
    If you would like to set both two routers in router mode, you just need to set one router's LAN IP to another subnet.

    1. login to P660HN-51, go to "Network Setting" -> "LAN Setup" page, change the LAN IP to (then you need to re-login use
    2. Set P660HN-51 connect to internet properly.
    3. Connect the 2nd router's WAN port to P660HN-51's LAN port.
    4. The 2nd router should receive its WAN IP from P660HN-51 as 192.168.2.x, and the 2nd router's LAN IP is normally
    5. Then the 2nd router and all LAN clients should all able to surf internet.

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