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NAS542 folder is visible but not clickable

ToRtiKToRtiK Posts: 2  Junior Member
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HI yeah so watch this:

I have a subfolder which is shown that there is (over the web access you can access its files) but I cant click on it at see what it is inside let alone interact whit it.
OS: macOS Mojave 10.14.1
NAS: V5.21(ABAG.1)

photo attached



  • BatouBatou Posts: 46  Junior Member

    Not sure if this is related to APFS format in MacOS 10.14 and NAS542 is supported AFP only.
    How about use SAMBA to access your data? SAMBA should be more fast than AFP.
  • ToRtiKToRtiK Posts: 2  Junior Member

    will try it - just have to find out how to change it ;) 
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