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Debian/OMV on NAS540 gone wrong?



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  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,073  Heroic Warrior Member
    @Sir_Mc_Tod : Firewall is not the only purpose for iptables. It can also be used for NATting, which is used by many common VPN server solutions.

    When you want to use the stock kernel, I have a bunch of pre-compiled modules available in my Entware-ng repo.
  • Sir_Mc_TodSir_Mc_Tod Posts: 20  Junior Member
     @Mijzelf I'm aware of the uses of iptables,  but this (bunny)box is only ever serving as a data grave with sharing capabilities,  Nat is done by my router,  firewall is a dedicated machine,  there is a webserver working (partially)  as a reverse proxy to provide comfortable (sub) domain access to the nas and there are two raspberries working as redundant  DNS servers. So I don't think the box will ever need anything the stock kernel can't provide. 
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