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What to do when Your Multy device is not available happens on the AiShield App (iOS)?

Zyxel_SupportZyxel_Support Posts: 431  Zyxel Moderator
edited November 2018 in FAQ - AiShield
When you open the AiShield App (iOS version) and see the Your Multy device is not available, it is because the license has been activated but the Multy App still hasn't synchronized with the cloud server.

Please close the AiShield App and wait for a while. Then open the app again to verify if the problem has been resolved.

When you have two WiFi System: Multy X (WSQ50) and Multy Plus (WSQ60) on the Multy App.

Please make sure the focus is Multy Plus (WSQ60) in your Multy App before you open the AiShield App, it is because the security feature of Aishield now is only supported in Multy Plus (WSQ60).

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