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Several Issues/Questsion with a Zyxel Network

JasterJaster Posts: 5  Junior Member
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I'm using a Zyxel 1312 (B30A) as a VDSL modem -> Routing mode.
It is connected to a Multy X. There are deviced connected by Cable and some by WLAN.

Q1: How do I access the Modem configuration without swapping cables/wifi?
Q2: Is there a way to configure the Multy without the app (maybe a web interface?) on a Desktop system?
Q3: I can not access SMB Shares from Wifi to wired.
Q4: How Do I protect access to the management interface for the Multy?
Q5: Is there a way to disable the Lights on the Multy?

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  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 221  Zyxel Moderator

    Please see below answers.

    Q1: How do I access the Modem configuration without swapping cables/wifi?
    You can change Multy X as Bridge Mode which all IP address will assign from Zyxel 1312 (B30A).

    Q2: Is there a way to configure the Multy without the app (maybe a web interface?) on a Desktop system?
    Multy X only allows to use Multy App to configure it.

    Q3: I can not access SMB Shares from Wifi to wired.
    Can you provide more detail usage about it? Topology, Steps, Screenshots ...

    Q4: How do I protect access to the management interface for the Multy?
    You can use a myZyxelCloud account to login Multy App, only that account can manage Multy X. If you still have the concern, please explain more details.

    Q5: Is there a way to disable the Lights on the Multy?
    You can use Multy App to disable LED.
  • JasterJaster Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Q1: That works, but moves DHPC to the "Modem". It would make much more sense if I could configure the IP Address range of the Multy and just assign an IP within that range for the modem.

    Q3: What kind of screenshots would you like to have?
    Network is very simple:
    Multy -> Cable -> Share
    Multy -> Cable -> Client -> Can access share
    Multy -> WiFi -> Client -> Can not access share

    Share is pingable via name and ip, just not accessable from any client.

    It seems the DNS Part has issues from time to time as well over WiFi -> Can not access other machines on the network via name

    Q4: I'm looking for a solution, that does not require an internet connection...
    I want to restrict access to the configration, as different people have access to the wifi, while only I should be able to configure it.

    Q5: Thanks

    NEW BUG: I'm using an Iphone SE, the UPnP does not show the IPs, as the Screen is not very wide and the app is not supporting Rotation.
  • JasterJaster Posts: 5  Junior Member
    I did some more testing. Anything regarding DNS is not working if it is a WiFi -> Wire Routing.
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 221  Zyxel Moderator

    - Multy X does not support custom IP Address range.
    - Multy APP must need to use the Internet connection to manage Multy X.

    1. About iPhone SE, do you mean: it cannot display IP address on UPnP page?
    2. About SMB Shares, can you provide more detail information?
    3-1. Is your topology such as: Internet---Modem---Multy X[Bridge Mode]---NAS?
    3-2. When the wireless client is connected Multy X, it cannot access SMB Shares?
    3-3. What kind of SMB Shares? Is it a NAS device?
    3-4. What kind of the wireless client? Is it a Windows device?
    3-5. Is possible to share the steps and some screenshots about SMB Shares setting, the wireless client cannot access SMB Shares, ...?
  • JasterJaster Posts: 5  Junior Member
    1. The Width of the dispay is to low to see the full address and the app does not support rotation.
    2. sure.

    3.1: Yes.
    3.2: Yep
    3.3. Its a Raid OS (unRaid) running SMB (3?). Some Clients can access it, other can not. Always windows clients and only occuts if clients are on wifi.
    unRaid provides a Webinterface, which is not accessable from some wifi clients (windows and iphones). Accessing the shares and/or webinterfaces always works via IP. For some reasons it seems like the ISP DNS is queried for LAN Lookups...?
    3.4: see 3.3.
    3.5: Tell me what settings you need and I can provide it;
    Steps: open explorer/shell and type the UNC Path (\\server\share) -> not found. Do the same with the IP (\\ip_of_server\share) works.
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 221  Zyxel Moderator

    Please help to confirm and clarify the problem.

    Using Windows wired device, everything works properly.
    Using Windows wireless device and iPhone, it cannot access unRaid via domain name, but it can access unRaid via IP address. Am I correct?

    1. What the O.S. version of your Windows device and iPhone? What is the model name of your iPhone?
    2. You said some clients can access unRaid via domain name and IP address, can you share these devices information?
    3. Is unRaid server connected to Multy X [Bridge Mode] directly?
    4. unRaid has a web Interface, does these client devices access it via browser (https://X.X.X.X) or UNC path (\\XXX\XXX)?
    5. When Windows wireless device and iPhone cannot access unRaid, is there any message? Can your provide the screenshots?
    6. On Windows device, can you try to use "net use" command to clear the cache? (Open "Command Prompt" and enter "net use * /del".) Is the problem still existed?
    7. Is possible to provide some screenshots about unRaid usage on Windows device?
  • JasterJaster Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Alomost correct. Sometimes I can not access the devices via name.
    1. iPhone SE. Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 10 S, Windows 10 Home. Most of my machines are up to date.
    2. Any client connected via wire, not over wifi
    3. yes/no an unmanaged switch is in between
    4. Cleints access it via http for management, for file shares over unc. Never an issue if I use the IP, sometimes an issue when I use the name via wifi. For both; UNC and HTTP
    5. I can prodivce screens, its just saying it can not resolve the name in both cases (404? on http) and "not found" message for SMB
    6. Tried that, as well as clearing the DNS Cache - no effect.
    7. sure... like what? open an UNC in explorer? Or just the web interface (it runs over http, not https).

    I can also provide you teamviewer access if you like.

    Btw: A day ago the Main Multy crashed with no message, I had to reboot it - is there some kind of log to check what happened?
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 221  Zyxel Moderator
    I have contacted you via private message for TeamViewer information.
    Please kindly check your message box.
  • marcusdrummarcusdrum Posts: 2  Junior Member
    What about a schedule within the app for switching the WiFi on and off by time control?
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 221  Zyxel Moderator
    edited January 14

    Multy App is supported parental control, it can set the schedule to limit Internet access per client device.

    Currently, Multy App cannot set a schedule for turn on/off WiFi.
    It only can turn on/off WiFi by manual.

    Thanks for your feature request. We will evaluate this feature.
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