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Zyxel zCloud APP, need to log out and log in to see my file browser

RafaDRafaD Posts: 7  Junior Member
edited November 2018 in Questions
Hi , i have an NAS520, i download de zcloud app, so i can see my files in my iphone , everytime i open the app, i need to logout , and again login , because the file brower appear empy (the other folders like photo and video they show evertime the files) , only when i log out and log in , the file browser show my files

i dont know what can i do? 



  • BatouBatou Posts: 96  Warrior Member
    I am using iOS12.0.1, but don't see the same problem, so I think you can try to reinstall it.
  • RafaDRafaD Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Hi also using iOS12.0.1 i reinstall it, but doesnt work , any other idea? 
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