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Model VMG8825-B and iOS Multy Pro app

stefano_sbstefano_sb Posts: 13  Junior Member
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Does the Multy Pro app work with VMG8825-B? I have tried but the app doesn't found the router :-( Thanks


  • AAAALAAAAL Posts: 125  Warrior Member

    Hi stefano_sb,

    May I have your VMG8825 firmware version?

    Please share your connect steps and what's the error message?

  • stefano_sbstefano_sb Posts: 13  Junior Member
    Hi AAAAL, thanks for your answer. VMG8825 firmware version is V5.13(ABLZ.0)b10_20180319. It's a custom version from Wind/Infostrada my telephone operator. When the MultyPro app starts it found the router but after few seconds it disappears... I have no error message :-(
  • stefano_sbstefano_sb Posts: 13  Junior Member
    Any news? :-)
  • stefano_sbstefano_sb Posts: 13  Junior Member
    With the new  Android Multy Pro App version  (  I can see my VMG8825-B but... which password I have to use to login???
  • Zyxel_Support_CPEZyxel_Support_CPE Posts: 146  Warrior Member
    Hi stefano_sb,

    Password is the same as you login to GUI. If you didn't change default password, you can find it on back label of your device.
  • stefano_sbstefano_sb Posts: 13  Junior Member
    Thanks for the answer.... I have changed the password.T he new password is ok using GUI  (with user = admin) but it doesen't work from App (where there no way to insert the user...). 
  • Zyxel_Support_CPEZyxel_Support_CPE Posts: 146  Warrior Member
    Hi stefano_sb,

    In order to provide you with a better assistance, we contacted you through private message to get more information, please check your message box.

  • CatfishCatfish Posts: 12  Junior Member
    I have the same problem too and the same router/firmware.
    How it was solved this issue?
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