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Port forwarding on Multy x

123_RR123_RR Posts: 1  Junior Member
edited October 2018 in Questions
I must forward some ports to my internal server. port 80, 443, 8080 and so on. This is the most ports we do port forwarding on, and that are not possible because "The port was reserved for system use" if I cant forward these ports, is the routher is useless for me, is it possible to come around this, or must I buy another router brand for this?



  • HanamichiHanamichi Posts: 95  Warrior Member
    edited October 2018
    Multy X has reserved some specific port for system use.
    You can use others port number for external port to map you internal port.
    For example:
    8088 <-> 80
    4343 <-> 443
    8989 <-> 8080
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