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LTE4506-M606 下載速度問題

FreemanJJFreemanJJ Posts: 19  Junior Member
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我在7/Oct. 使用筆電跑speedtest測試發現下載速度只有3Mbps 左右 上傳有時候還到16Mbps
Firmware: V1.00(ABDO.2)CO and V1.00(ABDO.4)CO 更新前後的下載速度都維持在3Mbps
使用 LTE4506-M606 與手機分享方式連線筆電測速比較,
遠傳SIM: 3Mbps vs. 21Mbps
台星SIM: 3Mbps vs. 18Mbps

之前測速下載有曾達到1~20多Mbps, 能提供提升速度的改善方法嗎?



  • YeKKuYeKKu Posts: 59  Warrior Member


    Can you please describe more detail for your test environment and steps?

    Do you test it with 2.4G or 5G connection?

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