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NBG6515 Port forwarding/NAT

MisrecMisrec Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited October 2018 in Ideas

I'm trying to set up nat/port forwarding on my NBG6515 router.
I managed to open port 22 (for SSH) and forward it to my server computer running in my LAN. 
So: ssh [email protected] works and directs ssh to my home server. 

However, I was unable to map the routing between different ports, how can I do that with my router?
For example: ssh into port 2022 forwards traffic to server machines port 22. 
I want this to work: ssh -p 2022 [email protected] 

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  • HillHill Posts: 138  Warrior Member
    edited September 2018
    NBG6515 seems no port mapping feature.
    So, you cannot use External Port (2020) to map Internal Port (22).
  • MisrecMisrec Posts: 2  Junior Member
    edited September 2018
    I thought as much, I was looking around for it and was very suprised not to find option for port mapping. My ancient Telewell had it...so kinda thought it would be on newer routers. 

    (edited: horrible language and full of typos)

  • ORGaniZMORGaniZM Posts: 1
    edited October 2019
    V1.00(AAXS.6)C0, more than a year has passed, but there is still no possibility of port mapping. 

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