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ZyXEL WAP3205 - Interne WiFi Verbindung without Internet

discoverdiscover Posts: 6  Junior Member
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I want to establish with ZyXEL WAP3205 a Wifi connection WITHOUT Internet (Open Air Event site).

It is about a light control box (DMX), which can be connected via a LAN cable (Ethernet, CAT) with a TCP/IP Network.

The ZyXEL WAP3205 is supposed to:
- establish this TCP/IP Network
- to enable an Android Tablet to connect with the light control box via thsi network.

I did not succed with following modes:
- AP Mode
- Repeater Mode
- Client Mode

How can I achieve it?



  • lodiabailodiabai Posts: 40  Junior Member
    WAP3205 doesn't have DHCP server, if only WAP3205 bridge between device/client, then you have to setup the static IP to your client.
    Besides, you want to use wireless and wired on WAP3205, then you can choose AP or Repeater mode.
  • discoverdiscover Posts: 6  Junior Member
    Thanks, lodiabai

    ..."if only WAP3205 bridge between device/client, then you have to setup the static IP to your client."

    ---> yes, I only want to bridge between device/client.

    Which corresponding settings on the WAP3205 are required?
  • lodiabailodiabai Posts: 40  Junior Member
    For bridge part on WAP3205, you don't need to connect to uplink, so you can use AP mode and just configure the SSID and password, then you should be able to communicate to each other through WAP3205 with their static IP address.

  • discoverdiscover Posts: 6  Junior Member

    I did succeed in connecting the device (light control box (DMX) via Ethernet-Cable and Static IP address.

    To be more precise: It hat worked, as long as the WAP3205 was connected to the Switch at home.

    When I restart the WAP3205 in stand-alonde mode, I cannot connect my Android tablet
    - as the WAP3205 doesn't have DHCP and
    - as my Andorid tablet needs a IP address to connect (corresponding error message).

    I tried with WPS but this does not work either.

    How can I connect my Android tablet witht the WAP3205?

  • lodiabailodiabai Posts: 40  Junior Member
    Without DHCP server, the only way is confiured a static IP on your device, here is the example of how to set a static ip on android phone: https://tunecomp.net/static-ip-android/

  • discoverdiscover Posts: 6  Junior Member
    Thanks, your link notes the following:

    Set a Static IP-Address on Android 8

    1) Pull down the shade.
    2) Touch and hold on the Wi-Fi toggle to open its settings: Wi-Fi toggle Android 8
    3) Connect to the wireless network you want to set a static IP-address for
    4) Long tap on your Wi-Fi network name.
    5) Select Modify network:
    6) Tap the arrow to show the Advanced options.
    7) In IP settings select Static.
    8) Specify IP-address for this Android device. You should use a free IP from the range. For example,
    9) Type the gateway address.

  • discoverdiscover Posts: 6  Junior Member
    Here is my set-up:

    a) Light control box  DMX (CUETY LPU-1)

    ---> IP

    b) ZyXEL WAP3205 v2

    ---> IP

    c) Android Tablet

    ---> IP

    Accoring to your abobe-mentioned link, step 9):

    Which is the gateway address?

  • lodiabailodiabai Posts: 40  Junior Member
    What do you mean of gateway address?
    You don't have router in the network, and just want to use static IP on device to directly communicate each other, therefore, with your setting of the IP address, then you just need to check they can ping each other or not.
    If ping is no problem, then you can start to use them as what you expect.
  • discoverdiscover Posts: 6  Junior Member
    According to the link you provided on September 10, is says:

    " 9) Type the gateway address "

  • lodiabailodiabai Posts: 40  Junior Member
    In case, you can ignore the gateway and communicate from your mobile to Media Server via the IP address.
    But the better choice is that you can use their IP to be the gateway and type their IP address into gateway address on each other.
    For example: DMX uses as gateway, and Tablet uses 192.1681.10 as gateway.
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