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NSA325v2 - Googledriveclient says "Synching" but the folder stays empty

clancy688clancy688 Posts: 1  Junior Member
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I'm having a problem with my NSA325v2. I've installed the GoogleDriveClient via the admin interface and then connected it to my GDrive account (which is fairly large... 600 GB). 

My goal was to synchronize the whole GDrive content to my NAS. 

But nothing is happening. In the admin interface, the GoogleDriveClient tells me "Enabled - Synchronizing", but the folder I chose to synchronize into is empty. 

Any idea how to get GoogleDriveClient to synchronize down to the NAS? 

Any help would be appreciated. :)



  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 80  Warrior Member

    How long did you setup to update? Default is 15 minutes to update Google drive data.
    My free account (15GB) can sync data per every 15 minutes.
    Do you have another free account? Maybe you can double check.
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