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NAS542, Link Aggregation and MAC address

BoyanskiBoyanski Posts: 7  Junior Member
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I have a NAS542 and I've setup the Link Aggregation feature. I have also setup iSCI volume, which needs an IP address on the PC part of the setup.
I've setup the DHCP server on the router to give a specific IP to the NAS, but because the two LANs on the NAS have two MACs - numbers:B8 for the one and numbers:B9 for the other, I found out that when restarting the NAS, sometimes it shows to the router as ...B8 and other times as B9 and in one case the router assigns the IP I want, but in the other case it assigns a different/random IP. The router doesn't allow me to give one IP to two different MACs, so when the "wrong" LAN card shows first, I can't access the iSCSI.
Can this be resolved?



  • WiasoudaWiasouda Posts: 37  Junior Member
    Did you configure your link aggregation as port trunk in NAS itself?
    If no, then you can refer the user manual on charpter 8.4.2, ftp://ftp2.zyxel.com/NAS326/user_guide/NAS326_V5.21 ed2.pdf 
    And after configured, you will see the below screen:

    After bind, it would have only 1 MAC address, and you don't need to configure link aggregation on router or switch.

  • BoyanskiBoyanski Posts: 7  Junior Member
    edited August 8
    That's exactly how I've configured it. But after restart, sometimes it sends LAN1 MAC, sometimes LAN2.

    But I've also configured the router's Link Aggregation:

    If I disable the router's Link Aggregation would it work properly?
  • WiasoudaWiasouda Posts: 37  Junior Member
    NAS has bind its 2 ethernet ports as used one MAC address, so I think you may be able to disable link aggregation on your router, and you can try it.

  • BoyanskiBoyanski Posts: 7  Junior Member
    edited August 10
    OK, I tried that, disabled router's LA, restarted NAS and it changed the MAC.  :open_mouth:

    Each restart switches the MAC!
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