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Multy X with 4 nodes

sskssk Posts: 3  Junior Member
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I have a 3 story house and 4 Multy x nodes. When I connect 3 nodes in a star config everything is ok, but when I connect the last node, devices loose connection when roaming between nodes. If I move the last node to my garrage it connects as a daisy chain to my living room because this is closest, and everything works fine. But when I move the last node to my kitchen where I need it, it connects to my primary multy and I get a star config again.
Will you support 4 nodes in a star config, or the posibility to force daisy chain (select witch node to connect to when you install a new node)?




  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 116  Zyxel Moderator
    Please open Multy APP and login your myZyxelCloud account, then "Send Feedback" to us, it will attach the log file on the mail. (Please also share more information about your problem. Such as detailed description/screenshots/topology...) We will try to analyze this problem.

  • sskssk Posts: 3  Junior Member
    I have sent feedback with the app.
    Can you confirm that the Multy X will work with 4 nodes in a star setup?
    As I recall, a firmware that was released in the beginning of this year confirmed support for 3 nodes, but I have not seen any info about 4 nodes in a star config.
    My setup is working perfect when I connect the 4th node as a daisy chain, so it is the star config that creates the roaming connection problems.
    I have the same roaming problems between nodes on phones, pads and PC's.

  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 116  Zyxel Moderator
    Multy X can support 4 nodes in a star topology.

    Thanks for the feedback. We have received the logs and still under checking it.
    There are some questions, please help to clarify it.
    1. What do you mean about "devices loose connection"? Is possible to provide the screenshots about "devices loose connection"? Is it means WiFi disconnect and devices cannot connect WiFi, or device can connect WiFi, but no Internet access? Or ...?
    2. Does this problem always occurs related last node (4th node)? Does roaming between other nodes has the problem?
  • sskssk Posts: 3  Junior Member
    1. The devices show full strenght on wifi signal all the time, so it looks like the device loose IP,DNS or gateway when roaming.
    If I try to refresh a few times the connection is back.
    When I use youtube on my iPhone in my living room, then turn the phone off, move to my bedroom, open the phone and start youtube, it says "connection lost" when I click refresh a few times the connection is back.
    This can also happen when the phone is on while roaming.

    2. The roaming problem occurs on all nodes.
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 116  Zyxel Moderator
    Thanks for the information.
    We are still analyzing this issue. If there is any update, we will let you know.
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