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Let's discuss Ethernet backhaul benefit of Multy X!

DexterDexter Posts: 28  Junior Member
edited August 2018 in Discussions
I saw a lot of people want to implement Ethernet backhaul, but it seems still under development.
Let's share your comment about Ethernet backhaul? Why do you want it?
Maybe it can give ZYXEL to launch this feature ASAP if possible. :p


  • st_petst_pet Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Uhm, my house is two-storey design with concrete floor. I got WiFi speed around 280Mbps uplink/downlink. So impressive no wire!
    If Multy can support tri-band AP with ethernet backhaul, then it would be a good idea for the small office or restaurant to serve more visitors. Can it be?
  • W1zard1W1zard1 Posts: 3  Junior Member
    I  have 3 House Levels  and cable from the Ground to the 2 Level. The Wifi Connection is not the best.  The Ethernet Connection will be good for a better communication between the multys.
  • odifokeodifoke Posts: 13  Junior Member
    Since this thread was started, ZyXELZ have released the 'Multy U' (WSR30), which supports wired / ethernet backhaul.

    Multy X still doesn't support it. Very disappointed.

    Would like ZyXEL to officially announce a planned release date for ethernet backhaul in 2019.
  • odifokeodifoke Posts: 13  Junior Member
    Please vote up the original post if you agree.

  • odifokeodifoke Posts: 13  Junior Member
     'Multy U' (WSR30), still supports wired / ethernet backhaul. WSQ50 (Multy X) does not. Any news on what is happening on your promise @Zyxel_Steven?
  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 207  Zyxel Moderator

    Ethernet backhaul for Multy X/Multy Plus is still under developing. If there is any news, we will update it.
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