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What does RED Solid LED mean?

Zyxel_SupportZyxel_Support Posts: 431  Zyxel Moderator
edited August 2018 in FAQ - Multy Plus
During installation, if you observe the Red Solid LED, it means the Bluetooth isn’t working, please reboot the Multy Plus (WSQ60) node and try it again.

After installation is complete, Red Solid LED represents Internet disconnection is detected for the 1st node. Please check your Internet connection first.

After installation is complete, Red Solid LED on the 2nd node represents backhaul disconnection. Please make sure the 2nd node is not moved far from the 1st node. If it still shows Red Solid LED, please try to remove the 2nd node from the WiFi system and add it back again by using Multy App.
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