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Can't change the password on my ZyWall 110?

MG16MG16 Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited July 2018 in Questions
I must be stupid or something like that. I can't find where I change the Admin Password on my ZyWall 110. The Guide I found says I do the change under Maintenance, but I cant find anything about Users settings under Maintenance.

Can someone how knows give me a simple description on where I change the Admin Password on the ZyWall 110?


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  • HSCHSC Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Accepted Answer
    Hi @MG16
    You can change admin password by:
    Configuration > Object > User/Group > User.
    Double click user name and then you can change password.


  • MG16MG16 Posts: 2  Junior Member
    It worked. Thank you so much :smiley:
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