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NSA542 presales: selective sleep, fan control

XyzzyXyzzy Posts: 2  Junior Member
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Is it possible for NSA542 to selectively sleep disks? Like when 2 drives are installed (single, no RAID), there is a download in progress, but data on the 2nd disk are not involved?
Second question - is it possible to regulate fan speed? 



  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,243  Heroic Warrior Member
    The daemon hdidle is responsible for disk sleep. So if one of the disks is really not accessed, it will sleep. About the fan, it's automatically regulated, and custom control is not supported by the firmware, but yes, it can be done.
  • XyzzyXyzzy Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Thanks for the details.  I assume that the speed control trick needs to be redone after each boot/wake from sleep, right?
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,243  Heroic Warrior Member
    Yes indeed.
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