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Multy X for VDSL cable

zyxeluserzyxeluser Posts: 1  Junior Member
edited July 2018 in Questions
Is there anyone can help me ? I want to buy a Multy X for my house....my house is about 100m2....so I think it's a great router for me. But.....there has a question, I find my internet cable is VDSL, is that can be use for mutly X ? Please suggest.



  • HanamichiHanamichi Posts: 94  Warrior Member

    Multy X has a WAN port, so if you have a VDSL modem, you can connect as below:
    Internet---<DSL>Modem<LAN>---<WAN>1st Multy X)))<WLAN dedicated backhaul>(((2nd Multy X
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